Wednesday, July 11, 2012




- long pants

- t - shirts

- shorts

- skirts/sarongs

- underwear

- socks

- rain jacket

- sandals/ sneakers

- sun hat/scarf

- sweatshirt/fleece


- soap/shampoo

- sun protection

- toothbrush/paste

- towel

- glasses/contact lenses

- any required medication

Sleeping Stuff:

- sleeping bag

- pillow

- pyjama’s

- air mattress or foam pad

- tent (if you don’t have one, get in touch with us, and we’ll lend you one or find someone that will share)

Eating Stuff:

- We will be providing food, cutlery and dishes

Very Important Papers

(if not already sent in)

- Liability Waiver Form, Parental/Guardian consent form,(if under 18) and emergency contact numbers

- Provincial Medical and Pharmacare Numbers

Suggested Extra Stuff:

- sunglasses

- journal

- musical instruments (drums, guitar, kazoo)

- reading material

- zines to trade

- sports equipment ( Frisbee, etc.)

If you do not have all of the items listed above, we can lend some to you during YAR. Contact us if you need a tent, sleeping bag, air/foam mattress, or anything else. (

To avoid confusion it is recommended that you label your items

When making decisions on what to bring, please keep in mind YAR is a drug and alcohol free event

Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Calling all activists, elders, organizers, artists, performers, musicians, theorists, healers, academics, designers, zinesters, seamsters, teamsters and all!

This August from the 20th till the 24th, we hope to bring together youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Anishnabe/Ojibway/M├ętis Land and Treaty One Territory, to celebrate, re-map and craft activist visions and skills at the Youth Activist Retreat (YAR).

We’ll have workshops, skillshares, roundtables and space for impromptu discussions on what it means to organize as activists. We will have a space set aside to take care of mental, physical and emotional health for everyone at YAR as well as childcare available.

We are currently accepting proposals for workshops and skillshare presenters. We are also seeking out Elders who would consider letting the organizers ask for their attendance at a day or more of the retreat to provide guidance and support for the youth. We want there to be facilitated spaces listen, share and learn, and, also spaces to just relax and make new friends.

Please note that this retreat is for youth who are interested in or identify with activism with a suggested age range of 16-20. Contact organizers of YAR2012 if you have any questions about participation or facilitation:

The Youth Activist Retreat has been around since the 90’s and started as a space for young people who are interested in a range of issues to learn more in a dynamic setting. Facilitators come from the community with different identities and experiences of activism and the knowledge participants have to contribute to the open learning environment is valued. Every year, the organizers try to learn from our successes and our failures and this year, we decided to have an open call out for facilitators, skillsharers and Elders.
We think it’s important for youth to come together to celebrate, learn and analyze our roles in local, national, international, and dare we say, intergalactic movement building. We also think that it’s a good opportunity to talk face to face, and not just facebook to facebook. We hope that participants, Elders and facilitators alike will get a chance to meet, dream, learn and make some amazing plans together.
Please consider and answer the following questions in your proposal to facilitate a workshop, or skillshare.  We will read everything we receive from you, but it would be helpful to us if you limit your proposal to 250 words or alternatively, not super long. Thanks. Please submit your proposal to us at no later than FRIDAY, JULY 20th, 2012 including the following;
  • Name of workshop, or skill to share
  • Describe the content/topic of what you are proposing.
  • Please read over our workshop wish list in BOLD below. Can your proposal fit within what is suggested? Is there a workshop you’d like to see that doesn’t already exist?
  • How is your proposal specifically related to youth involved in or interested in activism?
  • How will your workshop/event be committed to anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-classist, queer politics?
  • How will your workshop engage youth who have varying levels of familiarity on the subject matter?
  • Do you need or want support in structuring and/or running what you propose? Are there other resources you will need? (For example, an easel, projector, markers, photocopies made, etc.)

Please include the best way to reach you: your telephone number, email, etc. and send your proposals to:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


it's finally going up!

we aren't sure how to attach a word doc but have put the pdf's online through this website called scribd. fill them out and email them back to us @ if you need a word .doc of the forms because you'd rather just type it and send it back, just email us and we'll send you one.

we've only got space for 25-30 participants, so please let us know asap if you're coming out this year!

you rock!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

YAR 2011!! omg

hey yarstars and future yarstars,

this year the retreat is gonna be from august 16th to the 19th at the wildwood community centre. registration will be up on the blog by the end of next week, but until then, tell your friends and come out to YAR2011! if you're a past participant interested in being a mentor this cycle, drop us a line @ and if you know of a sweet place to post the poster, print the above copy and wheat paste it up!
you know the deal:
*all genders welcome
*16-20 suggested age range
*good locally sourced eats
*byot (bring your own tent, but contact us if you need one)
*wheelchair accessible location
*some travel subsidies available
*drug and alcohol free (While we are asking for the YAR space to be drug and alcohol free, we recognize the difficulties a policy like this might create. We are committed to supporting youth decisions over our own bodies and spaces and will be making space to have an open conversation about this as a group and one on one.)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A few updates after the meeting yesterday:

It looks like this year people attending YAR will have three workshops a day and the evenings will have more loose, openly facilitated workshops and discussions. The mid-day workshop will actually be two different workshops that participants can chose from.

Camp will be held at Wildwood, please check out their website to see what they're about.
This means that YAR will be held in Winnipeg this year! Grease up your chains, you can bike to YAR (I think that's what this means).

The workshops are being finalized and facilitators found right now, more on the workshops next post.



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Youth Activist Retreat 2010

Here are the details for the 2010 Youth Activist Retreat:

August 16-20 at the Wildwood Community Centre in Winnipeg

The Youth Activist Retreat is a 5-day overnight camp that brings together folks who want to create social change so that they can meet each other and explore different issues. Expect workshops, art-making, movies, and hanging out around bonfires.

The suggested age-range for participants is 16-20.
The retreat is completely FREE; all that is asked for is your time and commitment. Travel subsidies are available for folks who live outside of Winnipeg to come to the retreat.

The location is wheechair accessible, but sleeping arrangements at the WWCC are tenting-only. Please get in touch if you would like more detailed information about the accessibility of the venue, or to arrange for other sleeping arrangements.

To register, contact or call (204) 947-2855.

Stay tuned for this year's workshop schedule, we'll post it soon!